Steve Bartman Refuse to Play for Cubs

steve bartman

Steve Bartman is refusing to play a game with Chicago Cubs though the game would be their first time after seven years. This disappointing news is reported at Milwaukee. He just makes the decision without really think it through and waste efforts that have been performed for taking him to the game. Campaign that help to raise money for Bartman should be seen as a victim since they should be devastated with the news and probably irritate them for wasting a good effort of raising money which should convince anyone that he is needed. The campaign personnel have made a website to find online money for Bartman. But the fact is different for Bartman and in as a consequence of his action Chicago Cubs may be in trouble of team power.

The website is called GoFundMe. This website is started by Keque Escobedo which is consists just a page. The website has a goal of raising $5,000 for taking Bartman to the game. Unfortunately Bartman have never seen this page though the page has manage to an amount that exceed a half of its target. At Friday a spokesman for Bartman is eventually reached. The gives a short comment with thanks, but no thanks. He explains the indication that can be concluded with that expression in some longer sentence. He said that Bartman are thankful to be included on their consideration but he have to decline the offer. He said that he won’t took the offer and enjoy the advantage that comes with it.

Frank Murtha gives another comment that indicates the effort of raising money for him is not reall necessary. He knows that Bartman have the capability to pay for his own ticket if he want to attend for the game. Unfortunately he isn’t interested with the opportunity of playing in wild-card game therefore any offer that may make him to change his decision should be declined. in October 2003 Bartman manage to get in a lore of baseball game. Since that happen Bartman have never open his moth or attend a places to comment publicly about everything. The cubs manage to take a lead against Marlins with 3-0. Such number is obtained at eighth inning within the 6th game for NL Championship Series.

At that occasion Bartman was accused to make a wrong action. They say that Bartman put his hand on a foul ball. The ball appears as a potential catch for Moises Alou, the left fielder for Cubs. The conclusion for the match Cubs eventually lose and make their lead on the series with 3-2 become a series of fails that put them out of viewers radar for more than seven years. From that point they haven’t get other opportunity to make an attempt on winning another post season game. There is an opportunity that the game will be played on Pittsburgh. The other possibility is for the Cubs to host the game. Decisions for the possibility is depend on the result of this weekend games.

Chris Paul Move on with the Clippers

chris paul

Chris Paul is also known as the business associates and also the family members of the sleek BOA Steakhouse on the Sunset Boulevard in the Hollywood in the west district. On July 13 Paul and with his 4 year old son and also his 11 old months daughter is seated at a table in front of his guests. And taking turns sitting on his lap is his 11 old months daughter and also his 4 year old son looks really cute and also really adorable his son and his daughter makes the moments really rare and amazing. Back to the Chris Paul, he will picks up a pen and also signs the biggest contract on his career. A five year contract with fee about $107 million deal with the Clippers and of course it’ll be the motion that will completely change the NBA.

When he eat his dinner and also drink and toast. Paul give some speech and also giving thanks to every seats that placed a Moleskine journal. With only and simple handwritten message inside. “on the first page, I’ll wrote more and maybe that was the only thing that will I wrote there.” He says. “ The Message was lots of times to made. And also its a really times of our life that we all thinks that we’ve been done enough. Just only to get by. And of course this wasn’t only a challenge to every one of them. It was a challenge to myself to do something more and more.” That was Paul says during the conversation. And of course its really motivated words that comes from someone likes Chris Paul.

And maybe in the next season we can see the Chris Paul can play with clippers and of course we are all wanted the best from him, because with the contract that we can say really expensive, of course we are all wanted really good and perfect performance from him. So, we just need to wait and also see it on the next season.

And in the one month later, after Paul put his name on the ballot for union president, the NBA player also gathered and representtatives in Las Vegas, where they can voted for Paul to be their leader. The move also had been a long time to come. And of course many player really wants something brilliant from them.

Two years earlier about in 2011, Chris Paul already felt the weight of the NBA powers. And he hadn’t feels much likes the experience. And The Hornets who also had been taken over the league to bail out makes the owner George Shinn t struggling. And also George Shinn had agree to arranged to trade their player Chris Paul to the Lakers. But, David Stern as the Commissioner vetoed to deal. And to this day, Paul still really don’t like to discuss it. Well, to see Chris Paul with the Clippers maybe we need to wait a little bit longer till the next season. And of course many people really hope something from him and also this can be the new history of NBA.

Biggest Mistake in the Greyson Lambert

greyson lambert

Greyson Lambert the Georgia quarterback got out in the first SEC game because a disastrous start and also failing to complete to pass in the first half on the Vanderbilt on September 12. And also the biggest feared of Lambert was about to be benched.

And the bulldogs finally pulled away the Commodores with a 31-14 sweet victory. And its makes Lambert his offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and thanked him for leaving Greyson on the field and of course its leads them to a very bad day ever. And of course its makes all the teams feels so bad about it.

The match was really amazing and also really awesome. its a really very good game of the year and of course many people will feels the same. It’s something that really happen in the field to see an enormous victory in the field this days.

And also after the match Lambert said something with his Couch. “Hey, Coach, I really appreciate that you guys always sticking by me,” Lambert said with his couch. And also Schottenheimer said to him “We can all also get better together.” “we also know that always be a better days wait ahead.

It wasn’t the first time the Couches of Georgia’s stood by his quarterback. And the Lambert first day practice with Georgia was really worse than this.

“It seems like I’m not really focused and also I feels like I’m missing every throw.” Lambert said. And he also said that “I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Its really worse for me. And its lead the team to an enormous falling.”

“Maybe we just have a really bad day. and of course there are still a good day wait for us ahead. So, don’t give up and always keep our heap up. Everything that happen is the lesson that will makes us stronger in the future. Never feeling down everything that happen, happen with a reason.” Lambert said during the interview after the match.

Mark Richt The Bulldogs couch also said “I wasn’t really impressed about the match. Its really bad and one of the worse match that I’ve ever seen.” He thought that its a perfect decision when he transferred him from Virginia to Georgia to complete with two returning quarterbacks. But after watched him practice for the first time, the thrilled is gone and of course its not very impressive at all.

“He didn’t look like the passer He only Struggle that day. I saw on film,” Richt said.

And we are all wanted the best for the team and of course we hope that a better day will follow after this really bad match. And we are all hope the best for Lambert and also the team. So, they can play better in the next match.

And we are all wanted to see better games in the next match and we hope that we can see Lambert play really good in the field. So, all we need is just waiting and pray for the best of the team and also the rest of the match.

Thursday’s Tragedy for Caring Society

caring society

Have you ever thought about the worst tragedy which may influence your life from now on, right after the tragedy just happened in front of your eyes? Well, you may keep saying from huge number of list that there are so many worst thing that you never think can be happened to you, thus as if bad luck has also never try to choose the victims, right? It seems like there is nothing you can do instead of believe in yourself that you can pass through all of this, since you are strong enough to be broken down by only a little stuffs in the past. However, this bad tragedy probably had correlation in between the bloody Thursday with one person from the area where the tragedy happened, named Guthrie.

Guthrie, as well as the person told the author about his alternate name, was not really that affected and influenced in bad side by the last worst tragedy happened in Thursday. Therefore, people also named it as Thursday’s tragedy, where it may become a remedy in a whole of your life. However, this strong Guthrie, along with his family who got enough bad memory about the tragedy since they still had ties to the area where the tragedy took a place. For instance, they seemed to be not really that affected by the tragedy , yet they were keep going to has another benefit for another people, since he tragedy was not good enough to make them stop caring with another people in society.

Guthrie said, as a confession from the media, that they have already an ability to go out from the injured area, whereas the tragedy took place, and also did harm from any place on their body parts. However, the point they want to protest was about the violence done by the gun man, nearby the area since it can be included into other forms or violence. Yet, it cannot be concluded as the answer. Guthrie continued, that people on that area are way stronger than they used to be, where they can adapt with the condition at that time, slowly, where they can stop having in order to get witness of the tragedy in other types. In the other hand, the right side from this tragedy is that they can show off more strength, love, passion, and then also compassion to another people who suffer so that they can hand-in-hand to hold back each other, in case to succeed going through the worst time.

As well as mentioned on the very first paragraph, the tragedy will not change the humanity of people to be way more caring to the society. They say that there is nothing that can be done, instead of keep going and never stop to struggles in all the way. The Thursday’s tragedy may become one memorable thingy on their memory. Why? yet it can be another steps to strengthen the people, as well as they can get enough challenges to be done.

A Giant Turn Over

giant turn over

Have you ever heard about the story behind every success people, where they have to keep struggling as well before the success starts to hit them by. As if you are making a conclusion, in simply usage, you will see that there is a same line in between them, called destiny. Of course, you also know that destiny is something that can be replaced by another nice things, right? Thus, as if you know how to do well with your destiny, you can try to keep trying harder and harder, so that there is no one can beat you in the future. Thus, hold your thought for a second in order to get Matthew in the house.

The very first sentence he said was, he did not know what kind of destiny was welcomed him in the future, yet he also did not know what to do in the next match. Somehow, it seemed like he was clueless with what is the best he should done either to do, in order to get a life from him. Yet, have you know that when you are on the lowest stage of your life, the only one you have to believe to help you, is no one but you, right? Therefore, it seems like when Matthew on his lowest record of the match in the last season, he kept thinking on he did not know what to do, thus, he just kept moving on the same track and move nowhere.

As well as success people who never know what kind of future they belong to, Matthew has already knew that he was a big fans of Washington. He was really enjoying the time to watch while they were playing hard every Tuesday and Fridays. It did not mean that he could go watching them in every single time he did not have a job since Matthew also need to take care of his younger sister on his leisure time. Yet, it drove him crazy when eventually he could go to the game, yet even it was only in the stadium, on the night early in the upcoming season. He said, he could still remember about the good weather when the game finally begun. He just could not believe that even though he got a great job, yet with any hob he could not feel that fit into depend on his heart.

However, Matthew also got so much help from technology whereby young Matthew had to record the game in podcast every Monday morning so that he could see it anyway before he went to job. Yet, it possibly caused by there is nothing quirks rather than could not enjoy the NFL game in person on a Sunday since he was living in Bristol, Connecticut and the NFL Season hold until 1 p.m.

For instance, it seems like Matthew has all of his soul into the game, since even though he does not need so much money to be spent on, he kept his struggle to keep going on the same track, where he should belong.

Peterson: A Challenge Where You Belong


Adrian Peterson, he is one of the rushing leader which just posting his achievement in only 31 yards in week 1, take a place of a third rushing title whereby should be considered as one way in order to enliven his own goal this way far. Yet, it does not mean that right after he became focal point in the Minnesota Vikings. However, he was succeeded to take over the third rushing title since right after he just posting in only 31 yards, society may make a conclusion that Peterson, again, is another NFL’s rushing leader as before. Thus, beside become the next rushing leader, again, Peterson also become one of the most runner who became focal point of the Minnesota Vikings’ caused by his 260 yards running combination, as offense in two victories.

However, as if you ever heard people may a celebration that it will not happen whenever you are not believe in your dream, it sounds to be true if you make a correlation in between Peterson as running leader yet there is no more campaigning in order to support his effort. Thus, it seems like there is nothing better than your encourage for your own self, right? It has already proved by Peterson that even without any support from campaigning as additional work, he kept doing his best. Depend on Peterson’s confession on last Thursday that actually he never asked any offensive statement into the coordinator, named Norv Turner, in case he would not carry more on the quarterback. He just said that even he never asked for offensive from Turner, he just believe on that man that he made some good adjustment upon himself. Yet, he also agree that Turner was a live legend which has been doing a good things in a long time.

Furthermore, according to the press conference and news from ESPN Stats and Information that actually it should be put a little doubt on Peterson since his stride in the past two weeks was only range in average 2.41 yards, as you know, it was only unit per carry after being contact in those games. However, he possibly can take over the ranks since he is going to do the improvement condition, right after done running for 18 sprints during the week before the Chargers game. Yet, along way before against San Diego, Peterson has already has a 43 yard touchdown before. Therefore, depend on Peterson’s confession that he actually has already done adapted to know where should he need to be, in the future.

Fortunately, this season is going to be the very first game for Peterson after he got his rookie year, where he carried 11 times for just 36 yards in a loss, do you you know, such a good number for starting point. The point is he just need to do some extra conditioning so that he is going to open up his lungs more, to get more than enough conditioning improvement. Good luck, for you, Peterson!

Texas Tech-Baylor as Highest Point

tech baylor

As if you often heard about the sports-book presented by Las Vegas, which is also being operator by CG Technology, you are going to be surprised since there are huge celebration done by the Texas Tech-Baylor over/under at 87 points, done in the last Monday. Surprisingly, on the next match on Wednesday evening, the position got changed and being eclipsed to be 90 at Station of sports-book, another surprisingly event right on the corner of the timer. However, right before the situation being handled down, the point become ticking back down to be minus one from 90, either called as 89, whereby it happened on the majority of the books, as the day after Wednesday, Thursday. Yet, even the point was not that far in range, people still included the point to be higher than the previous point on Oklahoma State-Baylor game.

However, the last game was handled down by Oklahoma State-Baylor game in the 2012, whereas they get enough point with the winning of Oklahoma State for 43-31, lower than the next match by Texas Tech-Baylor for 87-90. Therefore, it seemed that the match of Texas Tech-Baylor, especially in point, can be concluded to be the highest point to be remembered since the ESPN college football ever made a match for game. Thus, according to the confession of Phil Steele as the ESPN college football insider, being conducted on the interview last game. If he reminded the last time, the raising tempo of Texas Tech-Baylor seemed to be started from a few years ago whereby they can throw out a total of 75 in 2010, you know, such a outrageous number to be confessed at.

Yet, nowadays, it seems like there is no one ever thought about the outrageous stuffs about this team anymore since there have been another greater games with amount of 13 games with total of 80 or greater player since 2008. You know, it is about to reach 100 in total in near to the future. Therefore, you do not need to get enough feeling about this season, either feed up with the worse scenario may happened since there is no more enough occasionally yet outrageous stuffs will be paid off. The only thing you can questioned more is about the ailing knee done by Texas Tech quarterback, which can be considered to be questionable in the next future. As you know more about the match you are going to know that in the past, there are five meeting have already gone over the total with 95.8 points in average.

For instance, depend on the gambling publication happened in longtime done by the Gold-Sheet, according to them, Texas Tech-Baylor actually has highest point to be remembered, compared with the Oklahoma State-Baylor on the previous match. Yet, there is no more outrageous match if you do know that the tempo just being started several years ago. According to Ed Salmons, as head football odds-maker, there is nothing should be surprised more as if you see point of 100 as the total reach during the next games.

MLB Awards for Bryce Harper and Josh Donaldson

MLB award

Another great season of baseball game is finally at the end line. Everyone had to interrupt their important plans and listen to an announcement that that consist of various report and reason for and awards that always granted at seasons end. The first person on the list is NL MVP from Washington Nationals, Bryce Harper. Jonathan Papelbon will be one example that would object to this vote. Along with him maybe Joey Votto, which would never allow himself to vote Bryce Harper as MVP for NL. Incidents of Harper that t some situation treat some people the wrong way wouldn’t have any effect to the debate for MVP. It is the fact that National record would have nothing impressive in their new record without Harper.

Measuring by the winning since it can’t be replaced with any other action we can safely say that Harper have no competition in major leagues to be a player that can make at least 10 because of his contribution. And with the fact that he is only 22 years old, he become one of the best candidate in MPV selection and National records. With such record he becomes one of three people in the area of live ball that have an opportunity to make 10 wins. The other player is either at the same age with him or younger. According to Play Index that presented in’s we would know that Ted Williams and Mike Trout is the other two amazing player.

Harper mostly leads record in the league for on-base, hitting and slugging. Such record is only matched by Ty Cobb and Williams. His current percentage for slugging is .646 and along with that he also have1.107 OPS. His name and young age will be written at the highest record in NL history if he can maintain these gains. He have performed 15 intentional and that record only is already too much for a player that haven’t even pass for 23. It hilarious to think that the most voted candidate for MVP is actually younger by nine months than Kris Bryant, the most voted rookie in this year. This isn’t just happened because of Harper capability. There are lots of situation happening in this season thus Harper only part of people that can make a name out of it.

AL MVP from Toronto Blue Jays is Josh Donaldson. We can easily understand that the method of selecting MVP isn’t always comes from a clear and measurable reason. Some of the time we can see that list on leader boards and documentation on spreadsheet doesn’t really make someone an MPV. There are additions to the measurement that make some become an MPV r just a candidate. Thinking about Al normally we would wander to a choice of Mike Trout and Josh Donaldson. Those two guys are close on numbers and their average performance this year is comparable. Looking at the record we can say that Trout is better than Donaldson. At the end Donaldson get picked because his play against 1998 Yankees.

Louisville Investigation of Escort Use


A book stirs a suspicion about Cardinals recruitment that is rumored to use escorts in the recruitment process. University of Louisville in collaboration with NCAA is investigating these allegations. Former basketball director is said to be involved in this situation because he is the one that rumored to pay and escort to provide sex for recruits in Cardinals. Earlier this week a talk between NCAA and LSU freshman along with Antonio Blakeney which was worked in Louisville is performed. There are efforts for shedding a light on the facts about this allegation. That is the word that comes from Tom Jurich, a director for Louisville athletic. He also said that he have the same interest as anyone thus he will obviously see through this matter.

The book that released late Friday gives a story about Katina Powell. This woman is hired form time to time by former Louisville player, director of basketball and graduate assistant. These women have a job to provide sex entertainment for players in the occasion of campus visits for recruits. Andre McGee is the name of basketball directors that involved in this matter. Powell is a 43-year-old woman. She admits that she have a record of providing sex entertainment in 22 parties. Those parties took place at Billy Minardi Hall from year 2010 to 2014. Cardinal players are housed on that place. Powell also admits that she is involved in the act along with her three daughters and other women that took it for a paid profession.

At one night her income can exceed $10,000 which is a lot considering that she just have to supply sex for those players. Rick Pitino, a coach from Louisville said that his feeling at the moment is deeper than disheartened or disappointed. After knowing about the book he makes a move and talk with McGee. McGee refuse to admit anything in their conversation thus there are no explanations achieved. For this moment McGee took a position as an assistant coach for University of Missouri in Kansas City. He moves to this university in 2014 after completing his task in Louisville. Because of this case McGee get a paid administrative leave which would last for the length of this case investigation. That statement is issued by UMKC.

Pitino have performed another research. He had to bring the story to 15 people and all of them refuse to give information about facts that presented on the book. Louisville gives a statement about their knowledge of the situation. They say that Business Journal told them about the situation on August. Such statement is given along with Chuck Smrt as a response to their concern. He will serve as an assistant to the case investigation and willing to cooperate with NCAA in the process of his investigation. Chuck Smrt makes a coordination that involves representative from faculty athletics and legal counsel from the university. He give a review the case facts validation and information thus he can determine the possibility for those people that written in the book to be involved.

Best Bets Favors Experience and Title

best bets

There is a development on this week that gives a way for making a former light heavyweight champion in UFC championship returns to the game. Jon jones may make this chance by taking a place Daniel Cormier’s division to get better future. In the division there are seven candidates and only two men ever have a chance to take the division title. Cormier should make a defense for his title and this would be his first attempt in defending title. This would also serve as an indicator for his capability as a chimp and would prove whether he have enough skills and power to defend his achievement as a champion. He have to defend his title against an enemy form the past that gives him a good fight.

It would be impossible for Jones to forget the situation he has to face on a fight against Swede Alexander Gustafsson. Cormier gave a good position in this situation. He took a position in the list of dominant wrestler that currently still exists within the sport. This fact induces a reaction for people to place him as a favorite. There are lots of people would place their bet on him as they would like to put their money at the safe bet. UFC 192 didn’t just have Cormier as their only wrestler. There is lots of wrestler that stands out with their capability in NCAA. The card is fully stacked with them from bottom to top and some of their capability is comparable to each other.

Somewhere among the stacked card decorated wrestlers that comes from division I are also included. There are two of them and they will likely have a chance to fight against each other and make a good entertainment for lots of people. It is interesting to have a chance watching Ryan Bader fighting against Rashad Evans since both of is a good wrestler that obviously would give a good fight for the audience. Saturday’s UFC 192 also includes another game between Tyron Woodley against Johny Hendricks. This is a welterweights fights that included on the event and it would obviously capable to pick up the pace of wrestling audiences hearts. Unfortunately Dana White have to enter with a bad news that pertains cancelation from Woodley side.

This situation is quite disappointing for wrestling audience though they have enough fights to bet at. It would be interesting to have a glance at UFC 192 bets tendency which can be easily determined through their best bet list. Everyone would understand that they have close odds at any fights on Saturday. The start is really hectic thus you can’t really keep an eye and evaluate it. People would always place their favorite status at people with enough experience and achievement on this championship. The facts that people would favor experience than power still prevail since even a player with injury can be a favorite just because he has records as champion. Evans is an example of a player that has been layoff for 686 days.