Louisville Investigation of Escort Use


A book stirs a suspicion about Cardinals recruitment that is rumored to use escorts in the recruitment process. University of Louisville in collaboration with NCAA is investigating these allegations. Former basketball director is said to be involved in this situation because he is the one that rumored to pay and escort to provide sex for recruits in Cardinals. Earlier this week a talk between NCAA and LSU freshman along with Antonio Blakeney which was worked in Louisville is performed. There are efforts for shedding a light on the facts about this allegation. That is the word that comes from Tom Jurich, a director for Louisville athletic. He also said that he have the same interest as anyone thus he will obviously see through this matter.

The book that released late Friday gives a story about Katina Powell. This woman is hired form time to time by former Louisville player, director of basketball and graduate assistant. These women have a job to provide sex entertainment for players in the occasion of campus visits for recruits. Andre McGee is the name of basketball directors that involved in this matter. Powell is a 43-year-old woman. She admits that she have a record of providing sex entertainment in 22 parties. Those parties took place at Billy Minardi Hall from year 2010 to 2014. Cardinal players are housed on that place. Powell also admits that she is involved in the act along with her three daughters and other women that took it for a paid profession.

At one night her income can exceed $10,000 which is a lot considering that she just have to supply sex for those players. Rick Pitino, a coach from Louisville said that his feeling at the moment is deeper than disheartened or disappointed. After knowing about the book he makes a move and talk with McGee. McGee refuse to admit anything in their conversation thus there are no explanations achieved. For this moment McGee took a position as an assistant coach for University of Missouri in Kansas City. He moves to this university in 2014 after completing his task in Louisville. Because of this case McGee get a paid administrative leave which would last for the length of this case investigation. That statement is issued by UMKC.

Pitino have performed another research. He had to bring the story to 15 people and all of them refuse to give information about facts that presented on the book. Louisville gives a statement about their knowledge of the situation. They say that Business Journal told them about the situation on August. Such statement is given along with Chuck Smrt as a response to their concern. He will serve as an assistant to the case investigation and willing to cooperate with NCAA in the process of his investigation. Chuck Smrt makes a coordination that involves representative from faculty athletics and legal counsel from the university. He give a review the case facts validation and information thus he can determine the possibility for those people that written in the book to be involved.