Steve Bartman Refuse to Play for Cubs

steve bartman

Steve Bartman is refusing to play a game with Chicago Cubs though the game would be their first time after seven years. This disappointing news is reported at Milwaukee. He just makes the decision without really think it through and waste efforts that have been performed for taking him to the game. Campaign that help to raise money for Bartman should be seen as a victim since they should be devastated with the news and probably irritate them for wasting a good effort of raising money which should convince anyone that he is needed. The campaign personnel have made a website to find online money for Bartman. But the fact is different for Bartman and in as a consequence of his action Chicago Cubs may be in trouble of team power.

The website is called GoFundMe. This website is started by Keque Escobedo which is consists just a page. The website has a goal of raising $5,000 for taking Bartman to the game. Unfortunately Bartman have never seen this page though the page has manage to an amount that exceed a half of its target. At Friday a spokesman for Bartman is eventually reached. The gives a short comment with thanks, but no thanks. He explains the indication that can be concluded with that expression in some longer sentence. He said that Bartman are thankful to be included on their consideration but he have to decline the offer. He said that he won’t took the offer and enjoy the advantage that comes with it.

Frank Murtha gives another comment that indicates the effort of raising money for him is not reall necessary. He knows that Bartman have the capability to pay for his own ticket if he want to attend for the game. Unfortunately he isn’t interested with the opportunity of playing in wild-card game therefore any offer that may make him to change his decision should be declined. in October 2003 Bartman manage to get in a lore of baseball game. Since that happen Bartman have never open his moth or attend a places to comment publicly about everything. The cubs manage to take a lead against Marlins with 3-0. Such number is obtained at eighth inning within the 6th game for NL Championship Series.

At that occasion Bartman was accused to make a wrong action. They say that Bartman put his hand on a foul ball. The ball appears as a potential catch for Moises Alou, the left fielder for Cubs. The conclusion for the match Cubs eventually lose and make their lead on the series with 3-2 become a series of fails that put them out of viewers radar for more than seven years. From that point they haven’t get other opportunity to make an attempt on winning another post season game. There is an opportunity that the game will be played on Pittsburgh. The other possibility is for the Cubs to host the game. Decisions for the possibility is depend on the result of this weekend games.