Peterson: A Challenge Where You Belong


Adrian Peterson, he is one of the rushing leader which just posting his achievement in only 31 yards in week 1, take a place of a third rushing title whereby should be considered as one way in order to enliven his own goal this way far. Yet, it does not mean that right after he became focal point in the Minnesota Vikings. However, he was succeeded to take over the third rushing title since right after he just posting in only 31 yards, society may make a conclusion that Peterson, again, is another NFL’s rushing leader as before. Thus, beside become the next rushing leader, again, Peterson also become one of the most runner who became focal point of the Minnesota Vikings’ caused by his 260 yards running combination, as offense in two victories.

However, as if you ever heard people may a celebration that it will not happen whenever you are not believe in your dream, it sounds to be true if you make a correlation in between Peterson as running leader yet there is no more campaigning in order to support his effort. Thus, it seems like there is nothing better than your encourage for your own self, right? It has already proved by Peterson that even without any support from campaigning as additional work, he kept doing his best. Depend on Peterson’s confession on last Thursday that actually he never asked any offensive statement into the coordinator, named Norv Turner, in case he would not carry more on the quarterback. He just said that even he never asked for offensive from Turner, he just believe on that man that he made some good adjustment upon himself. Yet, he also agree that Turner was a live legend which has been doing a good things in a long time.

Furthermore, according to the press conference and news from ESPN Stats and Information that actually it should be put a little doubt on Peterson since his stride in the past two weeks was only range in average 2.41 yards, as you know, it was only unit per carry after being contact in those games. However, he possibly can take over the ranks since he is going to do the improvement condition, right after done running for 18 sprints during the week before the Chargers game. Yet, along way before against San Diego, Peterson has already has a 43 yard touchdown before. Therefore, depend on Peterson’s confession that he actually has already done adapted to know where should he need to be, in the future.

Fortunately, this season is going to be the very first game for Peterson after he got his rookie year, where he carried 11 times for just 36 yards in a loss, do you you know, such a good number for starting point. The point is he just need to do some extra conditioning so that he is going to open up his lungs more, to get more than enough conditioning improvement. Good luck, for you, Peterson!