A Giant Turn Over

giant turn over

Have you ever heard about the story behind every success people, where they have to keep struggling as well before the success starts to hit them by. As if you are making a conclusion, in simply usage, you will see that there is a same line in between them, called destiny. Of course, you also know that destiny is something that can be replaced by another nice things, right? Thus, as if you know how to do well with your destiny, you can try to keep trying harder and harder, so that there is no one can beat you in the future. Thus, hold your thought for a second in order to get Matthew in the house.

The very first sentence he said was, he did not know what kind of destiny was welcomed him in the future, yet he also did not know what to do in the next match. Somehow, it seemed like he was clueless with what is the best he should done either to do, in order to get a life from him. Yet, have you know that when you are on the lowest stage of your life, the only one you have to believe to help you, is no one but you, right? Therefore, it seems like when Matthew on his lowest record of the match in the last season, he kept thinking on he did not know what to do, thus, he just kept moving on the same track and move nowhere.

As well as success people who never know what kind of future they belong to, Matthew has already knew that he was a big fans of Washington. He was really enjoying the time to watch while they were playing hard every Tuesday and Fridays. It did not mean that he could go watching them in every single time he did not have a job since Matthew also need to take care of his younger sister on his leisure time. Yet, it drove him crazy when eventually he could go to the game, yet even it was only in the stadium, on the night early in the upcoming season. He said, he could still remember about the good weather when the game finally begun. He just could not believe that even though he got a great job, yet with any hob he could not feel that fit into depend on his heart.

However, Matthew also got so much help from technology whereby young Matthew had to record the game in podcast every Monday morning so that he could see it anyway before he went to job. Yet, it possibly caused by there is nothing quirks rather than could not enjoy the NFL game in person on a Sunday since he was living in Bristol, Connecticut and the NFL Season hold until 1 p.m.

For instance, it seems like Matthew has all of his soul into the game, since even though he does not need so much money to be spent on, he kept his struggle to keep going on the same track, where he should belong.