Thursday’s Tragedy for Caring Society

caring society

Have you ever thought about the worst tragedy which may influence your life from now on, right after the tragedy just happened in front of your eyes? Well, you may keep saying from huge number of list that there are so many worst thing that you never think can be happened to you, thus as if bad luck has also never try to choose the victims, right? It seems like there is nothing you can do instead of believe in yourself that you can pass through all of this, since you are strong enough to be broken down by only a little stuffs in the past. However, this bad tragedy probably had correlation in between the bloody Thursday with one person from the area where the tragedy happened, named Guthrie.

Guthrie, as well as the person told the author about his alternate name, was not really that affected and influenced in bad side by the last worst tragedy happened in Thursday. Therefore, people also named it as Thursday’s tragedy, where it may become a remedy in a whole of your life. However, this strong Guthrie, along with his family who got enough bad memory about the tragedy since they still had ties to the area where the tragedy took a place. For instance, they seemed to be not really that affected by the tragedy , yet they were keep going to has another benefit for another people, since he tragedy was not good enough to make them stop caring with another people in society.

Guthrie said, as a confession from the media, that they have already an ability to go out from the injured area, whereas the tragedy took place, and also did harm from any place on their body parts. However, the point they want to protest was about the violence done by the gun man, nearby the area since it can be included into other forms or violence. Yet, it cannot be concluded as the answer. Guthrie continued, that people on that area are way stronger than they used to be, where they can adapt with the condition at that time, slowly, where they can stop having in order to get witness of the tragedy in other types. In the other hand, the right side from this tragedy is that they can show off more strength, love, passion, and then also compassion to another people who suffer so that they can hand-in-hand to hold back each other, in case to succeed going through the worst time.

As well as mentioned on the very first paragraph, the tragedy will not change the humanity of people to be way more caring to the society. They say that there is nothing that can be done, instead of keep going and never stop to struggles in all the way. The Thursday’s tragedy may become one memorable thingy on their memory. Why? yet it can be another steps to strengthen the people, as well as they can get enough challenges to be done.