Biggest Mistake in the Greyson Lambert

greyson lambert

Greyson Lambert the Georgia quarterback got out in the first SEC game because a disastrous start and also failing to complete to pass in the first half on the Vanderbilt on September 12. And also the biggest feared of Lambert was about to be benched.

And the bulldogs finally pulled away the Commodores with a 31-14 sweet victory. And its makes Lambert his offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer and thanked him for leaving Greyson on the field and of course its leads them to a very bad day ever. And of course its makes all the teams feels so bad about it.

The match was really amazing and also really awesome. its a really very good game of the year and of course many people will feels the same. It’s something that really happen in the field to see an enormous victory in the field this days.

And also after the match Lambert said something with his Couch. “Hey, Coach, I really appreciate that you guys always sticking by me,” Lambert said with his couch. And also Schottenheimer said to him “We can all also get better together.” “we also know that always be a better days wait ahead.

It wasn’t the first time the Couches of Georgia’s stood by his quarterback. And the Lambert first day practice with Georgia was really worse than this.

“It seems like I’m not really focused and also I feels like I’m missing every throw.” Lambert said. And he also said that “I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. Its really worse for me. And its lead the team to an enormous falling.”

“Maybe we just have a really bad day. and of course there are still a good day wait for us ahead. So, don’t give up and always keep our heap up. Everything that happen is the lesson that will makes us stronger in the future. Never feeling down everything that happen, happen with a reason.” Lambert said during the interview after the match.

Mark Richt The Bulldogs couch also said “I wasn’t really impressed about the match. Its really bad and one of the worse match that I’ve ever seen.” He thought that its a perfect decision when he transferred him from Virginia to Georgia to complete with two returning quarterbacks. But after watched him practice for the first time, the thrilled is gone and of course its not very impressive at all.

“He didn’t look like the passer He only Struggle that day. I saw on film,” Richt said.

And we are all wanted the best for the team and of course we hope that a better day will follow after this really bad match. And we are all hope the best for Lambert and also the team. So, they can play better in the next match.

And we are all wanted to see better games in the next match and we hope that we can see Lambert play really good in the field. So, all we need is just waiting and pray for the best of the team and also the rest of the match.