Chris Paul Move on with the Clippers

chris paul

Chris Paul is also known as the business associates and also the family members of the sleek BOA Steakhouse on the Sunset Boulevard in the Hollywood in the west district. On July 13 Paul and with his 4 year old son and also his 11 old months daughter is seated at a table in front of his guests. And taking turns sitting on his lap is his 11 old months daughter and also his 4 year old son looks really cute and also really adorable his son and his daughter makes the moments really rare and amazing. Back to the Chris Paul, he will picks up a pen and also signs the biggest contract on his career. A five year contract with fee about $107 million deal with the Clippers and of course it’ll be the motion that will completely change the NBA.

When he eat his dinner and also drink and toast. Paul give some speech and also giving thanks to every seats that placed a Moleskine journal. With only and simple handwritten message inside. “on the first page, I’ll wrote more and maybe that was the only thing that will I wrote there.” He says. “ The Message was lots of times to made. And also its a really times of our life that we all thinks that we’ve been done enough. Just only to get by. And of course this wasn’t only a challenge to every one of them. It was a challenge to myself to do something more and more.” That was Paul says during the conversation. And of course its really motivated words that comes from someone likes Chris Paul.

And maybe in the next season we can see the Chris Paul can play with clippers and of course we are all wanted the best from him, because with the contract that we can say really expensive, of course we are all wanted really good and perfect performance from him. So, we just need to wait and also see it on the next season.

And in the one month later, after Paul put his name on the ballot for union president, the NBA player also gathered and representtatives in Las Vegas, where they can voted for Paul to be their leader. The move also had been a long time to come. And of course many player really wants something brilliant from them.

Two years earlier about in 2011, Chris Paul already felt the weight of the NBA powers. And he hadn’t feels much likes the experience. And The Hornets who also had been taken over the league to bail out makes the owner George Shinn t struggling. And also George Shinn had agree to arranged to trade their player Chris Paul to the Lakers. But, David Stern as the Commissioner vetoed to deal. And to this day, Paul still really don’t like to discuss it. Well, to see Chris Paul with the Clippers maybe we need to wait a little bit longer till the next season. And of course many people really hope something from him and also this can be the new history of NBA.